Free Living N Fixation review!

Darian Smercina, PhD student in the Tiemann lab, recently published an exciting review titled To Fix or Not To Fix: Controls on Free-Living Nitrogen Fixation in the Rhizosphere. Published in Applied and Environmental Microbiology, the paper explores Free Living Nitrogen Fixation (FLNF) as a form of biological N fixation distinct from symbiotic N fixation that may be harnessed to reduce fertilizer inputs in cropping systems. Specifically, the review outlines the ways that environmental conditions and resource availability may control FLNF for a diverse range of rhizosphere diazotroph taxa and offers methodological recommendations to address knowledge gaps in future FLNF studies. Check out the paper to learn more!

Fall 2018 All Hands Meeting

On November 14th and 15th, MMPRNT members convened for our bi-annual all hands meeting. Highlights of the meeting included a mini poster session, project update presentations from group members and a talk by guest speaker Sasha Kravchenko. We also held group-wide discussions where we outlined upcoming publications and identified assay-specific data validation protocols. Overall, the meeting provided a great forum for PIs, graduate students, post-docs and technicians to contextualize their individual work within the broader objectives of the MMPRNT project. Cheers to another successful all hands meeting everyone!

Autumn Updates

Fall has arrived and the MMPRNT crew continues to sample at the Lux Arbor and Lake City Marginal Land Experiment (MLE) sites. Since our last update we have welcomed two new technicians to the team! Chase Kasmerchak will be working with the Tiemann Lab and Rémy Van Geersdaële with the Evans Lab. 

Post-doc Yang Ouyang recently published a meta-analysis which examines the results of 47 field studies to investigate how nitrogen fertilization influences marker genes important to N transformation. You can read the article here.

We are also preparing for an upcoming all-hands meeting, where everyone from the MMPRNT group will share recent progress on individual projects and identify opportunities for collaboration. More updates to come!